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Skin Care

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Product and packaging development for LA based celebrity tattoo artist

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Brand strategy and product development for innovative hormonal skincare brand

Skin Care
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Brand development and commercialization for celebrity dermatologist

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Brand strategy and product

development  for a unique non toxic skincare brand launched at Target

Hair Care
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Farmacy beauty inc.

Co-created and launched an entirely new approach to farm fresh skincare available at Sephora

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holistick wellness

Brand development and educational strategy for new wellness brand

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the well

Product development for new York's newest integrated club 

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Dr. Haideh Hirmand

Brand development and commercialization for aesthetic plastic surgeon

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Dr. Rob Schwarcz

Brand development and commercialization

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Nubian Heritage

Brand Elevation Strategy & Cause related marketing programs

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Brand Strategy and Product Development

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Englewood Lab

Brand Strategy and Business Development

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Dr. Barney Kenet

Business Advisor and Financial Modeling


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Lisa Hoffman

Brand Strategy and planning 

go to market planning

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nest fragrances 

Developed & executed International business plan & managed International Business development

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Luxe Brands

Training and Education (Ariana Grande Fragrance launch) Development

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Belk Department store 

Developed a customized scent navigation and selection system and launch support for use in-stores and online.

Hair Care

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fable & Mane

Brand development and commercialization


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Studio gear

Brand repositioning for re-launch

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private society cosmetics

 Brand positioning and go to market strategy

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